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Healing, health and happiness - Enjoy relief from pain, increased health and wellbeing with the safe and natural treatments of Acupuncture, Massage and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

About Acupuncture and TCM

Audiology Services at Therapies Summer Hill

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been developed over thousands of years and acupuncture is now recognized by the WHO as effective for a range of common conditions. TCM seeks to create balance in the body by addressing underlying disharmonies in Qi, or subtle energy, in order to stimulate organ functions and the nervous, immune, endocrine, circulatory, reproductive and digestive systems. Qi flows in channels called meridians and can be restored by needling of over 350 acu points as well as herbs, gua sha (scraping), moxibustion (herbal heating of acupoints), cupping (suction), Tuina meridian massage, Qi gong exercises and electroacupuncture. TCM works over time to rebalance chronic conditions, but it can also have strong effects on new and acute ones. Whatever their ailment, patients often report better pain tolerance, sleep and improved energy and emotions.


Your practitioner - Nalinee Maneerat

(M.TCM, UWS; B.Health Sci., Acu, ACNM; Cert TCM, Guangxi, China, Cert. IV Oriental Massage, ACNM; Certs I+II, Thai Massage, Wat Po, Thailand)

Drawing on 17 years experience in complementary medicine education and practice, including over five years fulltime study, Nalinee has experience treating a range of conditions and tailors treatments to your needs.

Nalinee grew up in Thailand, a country with a strong tradition of natural healing, and she commenced her career in 1998 when she qualified in Thai massage. She moved to Australia to expand her knowledge of oriental massage and to study TCM at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, where she received the David Whitworth Memorial Prize for Acupuncture. After ACNM she undertook a 3-month internship at the teaching hospital of Guangxi University in China, and completed a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Western Sydney, where she received the Herb Booth Prize.

Nalinee links traditional knowledge with the latest evidence-based approaches. She was a lecturer in acupuncture and a supervisor of the student clinic at the University of Lincoln (UK) from 2004 to 2007. Since returning to Australia she has continued to develop her general practice in several clinics and her specialities in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy support and chronic pain.

Areas of focus

  • Women’s and maternal health
  • Pregnancy, fertility and IVF support
  • Pain, headaches and nausea
  • Injuries and muscular-skeletal conditions
  • Neurological and hormonal
  • Rehabilitation support
  • Digestive and respiratory issues
  • Allergies and immune disorders
  • Ear, nose and throat
  • Fatigue, sleep and stress
  • Preventive health and life quality.



Acupuncture initial consultation $95. Acupuncture subsequent 1hr $85
Your first acupuncture consultation will focus on diagnosis and includes your first needle treatment. Depending on your condition, acupuncture sessions may also include moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, electroacupuncture and brief localised massage to enhance the effects of needling.

Pregnancy meridian massage 1hr $90
Pregnancy massage relieves aches and promotes a relaxed pregnancy for both you and your baby. Combining aspects of Thai and Chinese Tuina massage it also works on your energy meridians to enhance general health during gestation.

Acupuncture/massage combined 1hr $95
Acupuncture plus 20-30 minutes relaxing massage, depending on your needs. This popular treatment has been developed for clients with injuries, pregnancy support and occasional wellbeing maintenance after conclusion of an acupuncture course.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

All acupuncture treatments include Chinese Herbal Medicine assessment. Where suitable herbs will be dispensed to your home by post. Prices depend on the formula but are usually around $60 for approximately two weeks supply.

  • Acupuncture 5 Treatment package $375
  • Acupuncture/Massage combined 5 Treatment package $425
  • HICAPS available. Health fund rebates for acupuncture and acupuncture/massage combined. 
  • APHRA Chinese Medicine Board Registration #1709561
  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society Member #26282
  • We are conveniently located near Summer Hill station opposite a free 2-hour car park, and within 10 minutes drive of Ashbury, Ashfield, Croydon, Croydon Park, Dulwich Hill, Haberfield, Hurlstone Park, Lewisham, Leichhardt and Petersham.

What to expect

TCM is complimentary and safe. It can be used as the principal treatment, or as a powerful addition to medical interventions such as IVF and allied therapies like chiro or physio. Only high quality single use needles with a very fine gauge are used. Treatment is generally relaxing (it’s ok to fall asleep!) with a few sensations caused by activation of the Qi.

Your first consultation includes examination, treatment and discussion to create an optimum plan for your health. I will answer your questions, explain my therapies and address lifestyle factors from a TCM viewpoint. All treatment sessions last 55 minutes. Feel free to contact the clinic at any time for more info.

Acupuncture for IVF and pregnancy support

Acupuncture for IVF and pregnancy support is now a significant field within TCM. It can be used throughout the phases of IVF to increase improve blood circulation in the ovaries and uterus. It enhances hormonal balancing and helps deal with the side effects of IVF drugs. Ideally treatments start before medication, twice per week if possible, with others scheduled at egg collection, embryo transfer and before your pregnancy test. TCM support is also available for natural conception, male factor infertility, and during pregnancy for mental and physical wellbeing and alleviation of minor disorders throughout gestation up to cervical ripening and labour.


Audiology Services at Therapies Summer Hill

Audiology Services at Therapies Summer Hill

How well can you hear?

Many people have a hearing problem but still feel that they can hear quite well – it’s hard for us to be objective about our hearing. Our audiologist can objectively assess your hearing and work with you to help manage your hearing difficulties. Have a look at the questions below and if you answer yes to any of them it is time to have your hearing checked.

  • Does your partner or neighbour complain that your TV/radio volume is too loud?
  • Do members of your family or close friends think you are having trouble hearing?
  • Do you have trouble hearing in difficult situations like noisy restaurants or in groups?
  • Do you have any ringing or buzzing (i.e. tinnitus) in your ears?
  • Do you think most people mumble or don’t speak clearly?

Following a hearing test, our audiologist will discuss your needs and ways to help manage your hearing loss (if you have one!). Strategies can include use of hearing aids or other devices that will help with understanding speech, hearing tactics (clever ways to make the most of your available hearing) and ongoing training or counseling. We can also provide advice if further medical investigation is required.

There are no referrals required for a hearing test although discussing your hearing with your GP is advisable. Our clinic is equipped to test most patients of age 8 years and beyond.

The audiology clinic at Therapies Summer Hill provides the services below to private adult patients only (i.e. Government funded Hearing Services Vouchers are not accepted):

  • Hearing Tests: Hearing screening establishes if a hearing problem is present. Other hearing tests including tympanometry, pure tone and speech audiometry are aimed at supporting medical diagnosis.
  • Hearing Aid Fitting: We provide and fit only quality hearing aids from market leading manufacturers. A thirty day, money back trial is included.
  • Hearing Health Consultation: The consulting service assists with identifying problems and solutions or providing a second opinion on hearing rehabilitation services.
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance: Hearing aid repairs and maintenance are provided including earmold replacement. Minor repairs may be carried out on the spot.
  • Assistive Devices: A range of assistive devices are available to help with problems such as watching TV, using mobile phones, hearing alarms and alerts.
  • Hearing Protection: Ear plugs for musicians, swimmers and those working in a noisy environment are custom made.
  • Hearing Rehabilitation: Ongoing services include counseling on hearing problems and solutions and providing training to help patients with management of their hearing difficulties.